Abstract Expression is to take the random and give it shape.


Hi Nancy I was just at the FCA Gallery and saw a couple of your large paintings - just love them. I realized that I had seen your art some place before and then I read my artistes newsletter from Rochelle - clicked on your name and realized you also had paintings in the SDAG Oil and Water Show. I am a fan - love your colours and your loose graphic strokes -- Acrylic Energy indeed!
Linda Bell - 3 Nov 2013
I was hanging out at my grandma's house, whom I believe you may know. Her name is Deb Provencher, which of course means that Nelson is my cousin. This was the first time I met him, and he told me about your artwork and showed me your website, too. I was amazed at your talent (and I really love your Birch, Bamboo, and Chicago pieces). Congratulations on the success you've found in your art career and keep making these lovely pieces. I'll definitely be showing your work to my friends and anyone else who appreciates good artwork :)
Natascha Montoya - 21 Sep 2013
I always knew you to be so creative and talented. What a wonderful site. My fav is the "storm"
Dana Hassett - 12 Dec 2012
Nancy you really are Talented ,it is so wonderful to see your work!
Betty-Lou Swanson - 20 Aug 2012
the website is really good, but the artwork really makes it great!
Art C. Fartsy - 12 Aug 2012
Nancy, I never realized what a talented artist you truly are. It is so great to see your work displayed in such a great visual format. A wonderful website to enjoy.
Crystal Mayfield - 19 Jul 2012
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